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We offer a variety of flea and tick medications for dogs and cats, from once a moth topicals to once a month pills and long lasting flea/tick collars. We do require an yearly exam in order to prescribe any medication. Our doctors recommend keeping all pets on flea and tick preventative year round to help prevent your pet from picking up any fleas or ticks!  

Some of the products we offer are Seresto (flea/tick- 8 month collar) , Parastar Plus (monthly topical), Nexgard (monthly pill), and Revolution (monthly topical).







Heartworms are dangerous parasites that can affect not only dogs but cats too!! Even indoor animals CAN be affected by heartworms. At Tucker Animal Hospital, we recommend YEAR-ROUND heartworm protection for cats and dogs. We offer once a month chewable tablets such as Heartgard and Sentinel Spectrum. We also offer a combination topical, Revolution, for cats- offers flea,tick, and heartworm prevention. 



We offer a variety of Prescription Diets from Hill's, Royal Canin, and Purina.  All of our diets are for specific dietary needs to help with the overall health of your pet. All pets must be examined prior to being put on specific diets. These are not sold over the counter, they are considered prescriptions.